Our Premier Level Members

A world of thanks to our Premier Level Members who make the mission of the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville possible.* Interested in joining this list of community trustees? Click the button below.

Ambassador’s Circle Members | $1,700

Carmina Aldana

Lorraine and Pierre Allaire

Rebecca Black

Bill Armstrong and Carol Campbell

Tracy Arthur

Phyllis and Stephen Bachand

William and Linda Bainbridge

Clare and Vance Berry

Rebecca Black

Mag Black-Scott

Abraham Blocker

Nancy and William Blume

Susan Brandenburg

Jacob and Peggy Bryan

Diane Cannon

John and Nancy Caulfield

Carey and Jacquelyn Cornelius

Stephanie and Tim Cost

Hugh Durden

William Fagan and Christy Austin

Ann Flipse

Carol and John Fryer

Ann Gibbs

Sara Gooden

Sara and Clarence Gooden

Peter Goplerud and Mariette Brodeur

Judy Haberkorn

Franklin and Judy Hagenbeck

Abel Harding

Paul Herman

Joseph and Renate Hixon

Michael Howland

Marlin Howley

Mirte and Robert Lee

Ed Lombard

William and Julie Mason

Edye McCown

Michael and Julie McKenny

Marilyn and Roger Mentz

J.P. and Maureen Natkin

Renee Parenteau

Sina Rezaei

George and Betsy Robbins

Adelva and Ralph Sawyer

George and Pamela Siguler

Richard and Kimberly Sisisky

Fritz Skeen and Helen Morse

Fiona Strathern and Thaddeus Moseley

Carol and Joseph Thompson

Benefactor Members | $1,000

Jim Agee

Julie Bessent

Lori and Tyrie Boyer

Judy and Nelson Bradshaw

Mary-Jo and Don Carlson

Patrick and Linda Clyne

Cindy and Daniel Edelman

Nancy and Spence Edwards

Mackenzie Farnham

Roy Fuller and Susan Richards

Kate and John Giffin

Glenn and Doreen Gross

Robert Harris and Paola Parra-Harris

Donna and Sam Heffner

Kiki and Peter Karpen

Barbara and Bill Maletz

Jerry and Sarah Mallot

Matthew Marcin

Davis and Sandra McCarty

Kathy and John McIlvaine

Barbara and Charles McTiernan

Marcia and Ricardo Morales

John Myers and Emily Tanzler

Juliette and Michael Reynolds

Peter and Lee Ann Rummell

Judith Score

Fred Seely

Melissa and Cory Shrader

Terry and Janet Silvester

Ann and Tom Smith

Nancy Soderberg

Michael Spector

John and Patricia Tancredi

Phyllis and Clay Tousey

Neely and Rolf Towe

James and Vicki Van-Horn

Chris and Karen Verlander

Herschel Vinyard

Connie Wheeler

Lark Will

Patron Members | $650

Edythe Abdullah

Lori and John Anderson

Stuart Ashby-Fore

Mary and Todd Avery

George Bateh

Jacquelyn Bates and Mary Kirk

Susan Fletcher-Batten and Michael Batten

Parag and Saloni Bhansali

Melody and William Bishop

Allysondra Bottini

Matt Burt

Mary and Jim Burt

Mike Butler

Scott and Debbie Cairns

Stanley Cairns and Linda Reitz

George Candler

Davron and Carlos Cardenas

Phylisha Carter

Kathryn and Jerome Carter

Charles Closmann

Rebecca Cofield

Mary Coleman

David and Karen Conover

David Courtwright and Shelby Miller

Sarah and Lawton Daniels

Tyler and Sally Dann

Frank Denton and Elizabeth Colledge

Deb and Thomas Deppe

Nofa Dixon

George and Dorothy Dorion

Jan and Mary Helen Duggar

Catherine Duncan and Darryl Wise

Emily Edmonson

Gary and Charlotte Ehlig

Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Farinas

Carle and Nancy Felton

Andy Foster and Lucy Reep

Fran and John Frketic

Josh Gellers

William Gentry

Tom and Elizabeth Gentry

Saralyn Grass

Barbara Gubbin

Janet and John Haley

Robert Harmon and Dorothy Nicholson

Jo Ann and Samuel Hart

Pat and Hugh Hayden

Elizabeth Head

Claudette and Jack Helmick

Rachael Herrera-West

Ann Hicks

Corinne Hodak

Robert Hooper Jr.

Jim Jandreau

Barbara and Charles Johnston

Jim Jyz

Brenda Kauffman

Pamela and Ross Keeler

Brandy Killian

George Lavino

Jimmy Lee

Steven Libman and Carol Killworth

Moez Limayem

Leyse Lowry

Meta and Hugh Magevney

Izabela Majewska

Frank Mazza and Mary Miller-Mazza

Mary Jane and Lawrence McKnight

Michael Monaghan and Helen Short

Amanda Morrow

Debra Murphy and Felix Livingston

Alex Nichols

Theresa Nichols

Bill and Sheila Norris

Pam and Zarko Ognjenovic

Ray Oldakowski

Serge Ourusoff

Kelli Padgett

Karen Patterson

Alice and Norman Patton

Suzanne Perritt

Sara Pinto

Courtney and Jason Poole

Riley Quigley

Stacy Ray

Chuck Renz

Ray and Susan Rodgers

Arnold and Patterson Rogers

Christopher Rominger

Bruce Rosborough and Judy Ham

Denise Rose

David Schwam-Baird

Bailey Sellers

Lynn Shad

Nathaniel Shellhorn

Paul Sifton

Terry and Andreia Simmons

Eileen and Townsend Smith

Randal Smith

Amy Stalker

Jeremy Stalker

Elizabeth and Richard Stoddard

Harriet Stranahan and Loren Lucas

Melanie and Guy Swan

Tiger Tari

Mimi and Robert Threlkel

Robert Tonsfeldt

Kirk Tovrea

Peggy and John Wilchek

Todd Winston

Chuck Womack

Carolyn Woodhouse and William Livingood

Gail and Douglas Worth

*Last updated November 9, 2023

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