While the weather in Florida slowly warms, Robert Daly’s lecture on February 13 reminded the gathered audience that we are still enduring the effects of winter. Not necessarily meteorologically speaking, but certainly diplomatically. During Daly’s two day visit to Jacksonville, attendees were given a unique look at the tense relationship between the United States and China. When asked near the end of his lecture on Tuesday evening what a career path might look like for a young American studying China, he simply said he would label them “a cold warrior.”

Mr. Daly was referring to his oft repeated line that the current relationship between the United States and China could be summarized as a new “cold war.” Essentially, Daly concluded, the United States and China are in a significant struggle for world dominance in nearly every economic sector, and the stakes are growing as the two nations navigate a future fraught with potential conflict.

Despite the bleak outlook on the relationship between the nations, Daly offered hope that a new generation of leaders could plot a future of cooperation and peace. Many of these “cold warriors” he believed were sitting in the audience and could be the key to unlocking a world possibilities between the two countries.

Please click HERE to read World Affairs Council member Paul Herman’s detailed recap of the February 13, 2024 Global Issues Evening, which was hosted in partnership with the University of North Florida’s Distinguished Voices Lecture Series and took place at the Adam W. Herbert University Center.

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