When Ambassador Michael Oren agreed to speak in Jacksonville, little did anyone know the backdrop of his visit would coincide with the current war between Israel and Hamas. The timing of his presentation, therefore, could not have been more palpable.

During Tuesday’s Global Issues Evening lecture, Ambassador Oren presented on the topic of “Israel and the Middle East: Navigating Complexities.” Oren offered a unique perspective on the current conflict between Israel and Hamas and what the future might hold for both Israel and Gaza.

Amb. Oren focused his comments on the Israel-Hamas warfare currently playing out around Israel’s borders and particularly in Gaza. Philosophically, Amb. Oren suggested that history can be hard, that we’re often unprepared, yet even within crisis there are opportunities.

Please click HERE to read World Affairs Council member Paul Herman’s detailed recap of the November 14, 2023 Global Issues Evening, which was hosted in partnership with the University of North Florida’s Distinguished Voices Lecture Series and took place at the Adam W. Herbert University Center.

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