For Marty Jones and Angelica Kendrick, being anything short of friends was never an option. “Shortly after our first meeting, I knew that this connection would endure beyond a year,” said Kendrick. 

Jones and Kendrick are one of five mentorship pairs who successfully completed the 2022-2023 World Affairs Council mentorship program. This program pairs young professionals with members of the Council’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council, fostering bonds that often extend well beyond the program’s nine-month duration. 

Marty Jones and Angelica Kendrick, participants in the council mentorship program, visit the Cummer Museum of Art's and Gardens.

New Restaurants, and a New Perspective

Jones, a partner at the Holmes Organization Private Client Group, was chosen as Kendrick’s mentor due to her expertise in business and leadership. These were skills that Kendrick, a licensed mental health counselor, aspired to develop. 

While each mentor/mentee pairing engages in various activities, such as attending Council and community events or playing golf, Jones and Kendrick found common ground through food. Initially, they met at new restaurants in town, but their encounters soon evolved into family-oriented gatherings. 

“Going to her home and meeting her husband for Christmas Eve dinner—I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated in that way, which was nice,” Kendrick shared.  

The evening held even greater significance for Jones, who lost her best friend to cancer on Christmas Eve two years prior. “To spend time with Angelica, her mother, and laugh and talk was an incredible gift,” she expressed. 

The Council’s mentorship program operates as a mutually beneficial exchange of intergenerational knowledge, where both mentor and mentee gain valuable insights. 

For Kendrick, who was considering a career change during the program, Jones served as a wise sounding board and trusted confidant. “I was going through a lot of transition with work and a lot of decision making on my part where I was very much looking forward to meeting with Marty and getting her perspective and ideas,” Kendrick revealed. “I was eager to meet that day.” 

For Jones, a highlight of the mentorship program was being exposed to fresh perspectives, “The best thing of all is just time sitting and talking together. I would say we’re very different in a lot of ways, we’ve had different life experiences.”   

“I can’t imagine a time not being in touch with Angelica.” 

About the Council Mentorship Program

By pairing our young professional members with members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Council, we’re fostering the next generation of leadership for Northeast Florida. After an application process and interviews, mentors and mentees spend nine months developing a long-lasting relationship through group and individual outings, including attending select World Affairs Council events.

The 2023-24 application is open and will close on August 15. Click here to view the application.