Fascinated and concerned. Two words that describe how many attendees felt following Chris Miller’s compelling presentation. Miller’s talk entitled “Chip Wars: How Control Over Semiconductors Will Determine the Future of Computing,” highlighted the international implications of semiconductor production and the race between global powers to obtain vital control over these small and yet mighty chips.

Miller noted that for both companies and countries the stakes in the chip war are extremely high. While advanced semiconductors are ubiquitous in modern life — from phones to cars to coffee makers — the production of these advanced chips is a complex system involving a highly internationalized supply chain. Yet, despite the breadth of this supply chain, the number of participating companies at the cutting edge are remarkably few.

Please click HERE to read World Affairs Council member Paul Herman’s detailed recap of the September 19, 2023 Global Issues Evening presentation, which was co-hosted with UNF’s Distinguished Voices Lecture series and took place at the Herbert University Center.

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