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Offering unique international travel opportunities

Unique tours to fascinating destinations, with access to political and other local experts who provide behind-the-scenes views and briefings. This unique travel program is organized and run by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. From China and Antarctica to Cuba and Ireland, Travel the World provides opportunities to access almost every continent, as well as exciting trips to destinations in the United States.

Trips led by World Affairs Council of Jacksonville CEO, Trina Medarev:

Malta, Sicily, Tunisia | May 7-15, 2024

This nine-day, seven-night itinerary aboard the luxury cruise liner Le Bougainville takes you on a captivating journey through some of the Mediterranean’s most treasured sites. Saunter through the distinguished Taormina and marvel at its Greco-Roman theater, Corvaia Palace, Odeon, and Corso Umberto. Indulge in the delectable street food that Palermo, Sicily, is renowned for, including delicious arancini and panelle. Experience the fascinating blend of African and Arab cultures in Tunis, Tunisia, as you explore its notable old town and vibrant markets.

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A Classical Journey to Egypt | December 26-January 4, 2024-25

Discover the allure of sun-drenched sands, bustling cities, majestic monuments, and Pharaonic treasures on a journey to Egypt. From literary writers, including Agatha Christie and Penelope Lively, and films such as The Mummy, Cleopatra, and Indiana Jones, the lure of this ancient country with its incredible Egyptian civilization which ruled for three millennia is hard to resist.

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