Complicated relationships have demanded our attention since the advent of media. Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel on Friends. But none may be as complicated as the U.S.-Saudi relationship.

Graeme Wood speaks on the complicated U.S.-Saudi relationship.

If a relationship counselor were to sit down with the Saudi Arabia and the United States, there would likely be the usual run of difficulties: communication issues, a breakdown of trust, an inherent distance. Luckily for the World Affairs Council, Atlantic Staff Writer Graeme Wood understands the complicated U.S.-Saudi relationship in detail—and he made clear that the rift between the countries is anything but run of the mill; it involves oil, politics, religion, human rights abuses, and a crown prince with absolute power over his kingdom. Please click HERE to read World Affairs Council member Paul Herman’s detailed recap of the March 21, 2023 Global Issues Evening presentation, which was co-hosted with UNF’s Distinguished Voices Lecture series and took place at the Herbert University Center.

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